mardi 18 novembre 2014

Zauberhafte Gärten - Jardins Enchantés (Münster)

Je suis soumis au chef du signe de l'Automne
Partant j'aime les fruits je déteste les fleurs
Je regrette chacun des baisers que je donne
Tel un noyer gaulé dit au vent ses douleurs

Mon Automne éternelle ô ma saison mentale
Les mains des amantes d'antan jonchent ton sol
Une épouse me suit c'est mon ombre fatale
Les colombes ce soir prennent leur dernier vol


mardi 11 novembre 2014

Owls (Lille)

Last year I used to spend most of my sundays strolling around in the zoo, where I shot these...

Next time, cute red panda bears snuggled up in trees. Stay tuned!

mercredi 29 octobre 2014

Boats (Münster, Germany)

I haven't been writing much next to my pictures in the last month, maybe I should explain a bit more about them!

This I shot from a bridge over the Aasee, the lake in Münster, Germany. It was the first day I came to move (I will be studying there for a year). My parents were there and we explored the town center, followed by the Promenade (a beautiful sheltered road for cyclists and walkers), then came upon this stunning view of sailing boats on the lake.

Please feel free to comment all photos, share your own experiences and tell me how you came along my blog! xx

Rain (Lille)